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Mission & Goals of the Joint TCAA/N Subcommittee PDF Print E-mail

1. To assist citizens groups, legislators, the judiciary, federal, state and provincial regulatory agencies, and private organizations in understanding and adapting to the new privacy and security laws, particularly with respect to protecting Speech Privacy and Speech Security.

2. To define a clear, objective, uniform, profession-wise framework for compliance with and certification of Speech Privacy and Speech Security conditions, including practical techniques for periodic monitoring, based on existing standards, established best practices and the development of new standards.

3. To assist organizations that need to comply with privacy laws in implementing Speech Privacy and Speech Security protection programs that are effective and practical.

4. To understand new and emerging technologies that either threaten Speech Security and Speech Privacy or assist in protecting them.

5. To communicate with and assist related professions whose members have an interest in acoustics and privacy protection including the ALA, AHA, AHLA, ABA, AIA, IAPP, INCE, IEEE and others.

6. To advocate and pursue research that brings clarity and objective understanding to the subjects of Speech Privacy, Speech Security and privacy protection.